Our extensive fleet of burning and processing equipment delivers precision jobs of all sizes

“Attuned to quality and committed to accuracy” applies both to our precision metal cutting equipment and the conscientious team that operates our full fleet of the best-available cutting and processing machinery. State-of-the-art CNC controllers ensure that all jobs, from tiniest-dimension aerospace parts to massive steel plate and forgings used in offshore drilling, are delivered with exact precision – on time and at the right price.

We’re proud of our equipment and our expert operators. Come visit our 125,000 square-foot facility and see our meticulously clean and organized shop for yourself. 

Our metal cutting equipment:

Flamecutting machines

We have 9 “ESAB Avenger 2” heavy-duty gantry CNC controlled oxyfuel machines capable of handling up to two 10’ x 40’ plates side by side and thicknesses up to 60.” The Avenger 2 is the most versatile flamecutting machine of its kind, accommodating nearly any kind of cutting and marking process.

Features and benefits include:

  • Uses the latest machine technology
  • Utilizes the industry’s best, most dependable digital servo amps, AC brushless motors, and precision planetary gearboxes.
  • Highly versatile to accommodate a range of applications
  • Smooth, accurate performance
Plasma cutting machines

Two ESAB Avenger 2 and one ESAB SupraRex heavy-duty gantry CNC controlled plasma machines including a contour bevel head and high-definition torches capable of handling up to 10’ x 40’ plates on multiple water tables with thicknesses up to 2”.

Features and benefits include:

  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Cutting-edge machine technology
  • Exceptional versatility to accommodate all types of applications
  • Smooth, precise operation

Flame Cutting Equipment

Want to learn more about the world-class equipment we use for our flame cutting service and plasma cutting service? Visit our Gallery for more photos of the equipment we use at Precision Flamecutting.

Safety counts.

At Precision Flamecutting and Steel, employee safety is our top priority; our records prove it.

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