Best-in-Class Turnkey Plate Processing

Let us be your project manager. Our specialists can oversee your product from raw material to fully machined and painted turnkey part. Our vast inventory of steel plate is just the beginning.

Inbound direct train delivery, part of our cost containment strategy
Experts in product and industry knowledge
Nationwide locations, fast turnaround, dependable delivery
Responsive service and resourceful solutions
Extensive onsite steel plate production capabilities
Industry leading quality


Thick Plate Processing

We stock several grades of carbon and alloy plate up to 16” thick. Thicker material can be special ordered upon request. Our machines can accommodate any material up to 60” thick. Allow us to precut your forging saving you a great deal of money in machining costs.

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Precision Cutting Services

Expert services with just one call. Established since 1975 as experts in cutting steel plate and forgings, Precision Flamecutting and Steel has grown into the Gulf Coast’s unparalleled leader in precision-driven plate processing and turnkey machining services

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Specialty Steel
In-House Inventory

Specialty Steel In-House Inventory

Our 125,000 square-foot facility enables us to stock more than 600 combinations of carbon and alloy steel plate in a wide variety of grades, from 3/16” up to 16” thick in carbon plate and up to 12″ thick in alloy plate. Upon request, we can order and cut up to 60” thick.As a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance, Inc., Precision Flamecutting and Steel can also utilize our sister companies’ massive inventories of aluminum, stainless and exotics to supply all your specialty metal needs. Additionally, we have the unique ability to access steel inventories in over 200 locations worldwide.

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In-House Services

Value-Added In-House Services

At Precision Flamecutting and Steel, we offer more than just plate cutting services. We employ a full staff of CNC Programmers, CNC Machinists and Quality Inspectors.

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Ability to Supply Your
Just-in-Time Needs

Ability to Supply Your Just-in-Time Needs

Become a Precision Partner and allow us to provide your parts exactly when you need them, kitted to your specifications and ready for fabrication. Our project management team will work closely with your engineering and procurement personnel to ensure you are receiving maximum just in time (JIT) cost reductions.

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Wide Industry

Heavy Equipment

Wide Industry Experience

Our customer base is varied and includes Fortune 100 companies. Customers seek our counsel on their most complicated and significant projects. We partner as a sole source just-in-time supplier for some of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world. Why do they come to us? It’s simple – because we know what we are doing. We handle very simple to very complex burning and value added service projects. Our customer base is strong in energy, marine, construction, aerospace, heavy equipment and military applications. We maintain a vast inventory geared toward supporting these markets.

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