Quality Assurance

Our material traceability is impeccable.

Precision Flamecutting and Steel’s ISO-certified quality systems and procedures ensure that you get what you ordered. 

Precision Flamecutting and Steel uses only prime materials from premier steel mills around the world. We proudly welcome customer and third-party audits.

Material can be recertified to DNV or ABS specifications.  These classifications societies are regularly in our shop to witness the cutting and traceability of representative material for verification and testing at third party labs.  We can manage all material certifications for you and even supply manufacturing record books (MRB) upon request. 

Knowing your supplier is using prime material, fully and correctly tested to your specification gives you confidence in what you are fabricating. 

We employ a full staff of dedicated Quality Control personnel on each shift.  Solely dedicated to ensuring the material we provide meets your specifications and drawings, and working independently from production, these inspectors have full authority to reject nonconforming parts and stop further processing.